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C-Thearpy Serum Subscribe & Save

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C-Therapy is an essential antioxidant for your skin. 

Containing 10%  L-Ascorbic Acid, the scientifically proven, most stable form of Vitamin C, to ensure performance.  The unique formulation, ensures quick absorption, for greater potency, leaving no greasy residue on the skin.

Paraben Free.  

cruelty Free.


Mops up free radical damage.

Prevents Collagen breakdown.

Brightens & Improves skin tone.


Always apply first in the morning to clean dry skin. Allow 5 minutes to fully soak in, before applying any other topical creams.

Gemma's Tip

Don't be fooled. Most people think increasing the percentage of Vitamin C, means better results.  Higher strengths can cause more irritation and outbreaks and should only be used therapeutically for a short period on severely sun damaged skin.  The aim should always be to move down to 10% if you can.