Hello I'm Gemma

Twenty one years ago I left University as a Registered Nurse, with a desire to make a positive difference to people's lives.

I found my passion in Cardiology and became a specialist nurse in 2004 at the tender age of 25.  It was here my passion began to ignite around how our lifestyle choices affect our health and wellbeing, particularly stress and nutrition.  My interest accelerated as I became aware of the mind and body connection.

In 2010, I made the brave decision to leave the NHS.  Now mum to a one year old, I wanted to take charge of my own destiny, move away from death and disease and experience a happier lighter side of nursing and life.

After suffering with acne for 18 years, which I self healed, I identified a huge gap in the market, for people who were struggling with their skin.  Holding  a licence to prescribe in the same way as a Doctor does, enabled me to set up my own private practice, which I've been running ever since.

 I invested in advanced training for ageing skin.  The injectable field was the biggest eye opener of my career!  I questioned everything, my morals, ethics and own beliefs.

Years on there was so much of the industry I was unable to identify with.

The lack of regulation, the trend for huge lips and cheeks.  The sadness I felt seeing people change their entire face, in the quest for beauty, and the shocking exploitation of young impressionable girls. 
This was the exact OPPOSITE of what I was trying to achieve for my clients.

I began to drop services which didn't align with who I am and got really clear on the kind of person I wished to serve.

  • Someone who's looking for help with ageing in a natural subtle way.
  • Someone who embraced how they look and didn't want to change themselves, just slow down time a little.
  • Someone who simply wishes to look good for their age and knows that ageing well is an holistic approach.

In 2017, my experience allowed me to take on a part time role as a national trainer for a leading Cosmetic Training Company.  I loved teaching other Nurses, Doctors and Dentists, who were new to the field of Cosmetics or who required further mentoring.

After 3 years, I could see where people were struggling, so in 2020 I decided it was time to launch my own training academy - Timeless Training.  Training with a huge emphasis on mindset and coaching for success, as well as the usual practical courses.

I also created my own skincare line in 2017.  The range contains scientifically proven ingredients, which work simply, with no added fuss to deliver results.

Pauline is my trusted Nursing team member. 
We first met eleven years ago, when we entered in to cosmetic nursing at the exact same time and ended up teaching for the same company. 

Pauline joined the clinic to help provide more availability for clients and help with student training.

We share the exact same ethos and passion for quality, safety and natural looking results.