Founded by Gemma Montgomery a Registered Nurse for 24 years and Independent Nurse Prescriber.

A woman on a mission, to help you look and feel as good as you can, so you can shine and fulfill your potential on every level.

Established 14 years, with a loyal client base, It's safe to say we've been skin fixing for a long time.

Gemma holds a level 7 fully accredited Postgraduate qualification in Cosmetic medicine from the University of South Wales

Gemma was a National Trainer / eductor for one the UK'S leading cosmetic training providers, before deciding to set up her own training academy Timeless training in 2020. Gemma and her team provide accredited training courses and mentorship to other medical professionals who are entering into the field of cosmetic medicine.

Specialists in the art of natural elegant results, we take pride in being very different from other cosmetic clinics.

We understand how you feel


Wrinkle Relaxing Injections (Botox)®

Gemma has built a solid reputation in this particular treatment, for being the go to person for natural looking results.

Treatment targets the upper face wrinkles (forehead, frown and eyes) but can also be given to the lower face for conditions such as teeth grinding, gummy smiles, dimply chins and neck lifting.

Treatment is subject to medical consultation and lasts between 3 to 6 months.

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Dermal Fillers (Juvederm®)

Temporary injections of Hyaluronic Acid (a substance your body naturally produces for plumpness and hydration) is placed under the skin at varying depths to treat wrinkles, folds and facial sagging.

Treatment should be subtly done, with no obvious tell tale signs. The goal should be to appear rested, fresh and rejuvenated. Treatment areas include, nose to mouth lines, jowls, chin, jaw, lip lines and lip re definition.

Treatment lasts approx 12-18 months and subject to medical consultation.

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Medical Skin Peels

Bespoke peels are used at various depths from superficial to medium to improve the overall look of the skin. They can be targeted to treat ageing concerns or treat conditions such as acne, congestion and pigmentation.

Skin will appear brighter, smoother, clearer and more refined, with improved tone and texture. Medium peels have the added benefit of resurfacing deeper wrinkles and sun damage, whilst tightening the skin.

Light peels last 3 months and can be taken as a one off, or course of 3-4. Medium peels last 12 and subject to medical consultation.

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Refresh Packages

Our refresh packages are an ideal option and saving, for those wishing to refresh with both Botox and Dermal Filler.

There are various packages sizes available, to suit different needs, depending on how many areas of wrinkle relaxing Injections and syringes of Dermal filler are required.

Prices atart from £415. All prices are on the online booking system.



Polynucleotide injectables are high purification technology, under the remit of skin cell regenerative medicine.

Backed by extensive clinical data of 70 years and over 100 published studies, to support their safety and efficacy.

Polynucleotides derive from natural origin, fresh water fish.

Known as the house keepers of healthy cells, treatment will, stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, leading to a healthier smoother more youthful complexion.

Also a reduction in fine lines and improvement in hydration, skin texture and tone.

Due their anti inflammatory and free radical scavenger effects improvements can be seen in rosacea and pigmentation.

A course of 3 is recommended 2 x per year to slow down and reverse skin ageing and maintain strong healthy skin.

It will also improve the results of injectable treatments.


Skin Boosting

The perfect treatment for thin, crepy, dull skin with fine lines. Or simply for a boost and overall glow up.

Micro droplets of hyaluronic acid, vitamins and minerals are injected into the dermis of the skin.

The skin will appear more plump, dewy, smooth, bright and luminous.

Can be given as a standalone treatment or a course of three, 2 - 3 weeks apart for better longer results.

Areas that can be treated are face, hands, neck and chest.


Microneedling / Dermaroller

A natural skin rejuvenation treatment that uses small needle columns to encourage the skin to produce more collagen, creating smoother, brighter, plumper, healthier looking skin.

Great for wrinkles, thin skin, pigmentation and acne scarring.

Can be taken as a one off treatment, or a course of three, six weeks apart.

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Our luxury 60 minute bespoke medi-facial is the ultimate treat for your skin. Using the latest technology to lift off dead skin cell build up, induce collagen growth factors, encourage blood flow to the skin, improve lymphatic drainage and hydration.

Resulting in overall healthier skin that appears glowing, plump and radiant.

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Skin Tag Removal

Using Cryotherapy, which is approved for safety and effectiveness we can remove skin tags, warts and cherry angiomas.

Results may take up to 6 weeks.

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Blog posts

CLIENT testimonials

Fantastic wrinkle reduction treatment! Gemma is so professional, whilst being ethical, honest, caring and down to earth. Highly recommend.

Lindsey Whitaker

My latest treatment with Gemma has literally changed my life. Thank you for giving me my confidence back. I am truly grateful for your amazing skills.

Francesca Pearson

I started using Gemma's Timeless range 18 months ago and I haven't looked back since. My skin has been problematic for years, sensitive, sore and breaking out frequently Prior to Gemma helping me, I had had lots of help from skincare professionals over the years but the results were ever changing. I was still breaking out on a regular basis. Gemma took the time to advise and help me with my skin and the results have been amazing. I have now been solely using the Timeless range for 18 months and my skin is consistently clear and comfortable I no longer suffer with angry breakouts or sore sensitive skin. I can’t recommend both Gemma’s expert knowledge and her Timeless range enough

Becky Sharman

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Amazing results from Gemma as usual. Would highly recommend.

Kay Cockroft

I am really pleased with Gemma’s new skin care range. I’ve purchase all the range. The face wash is amazing and I can feel a glow after I’ve used it. The C Therapy rejuvenates my skins making it look fresher. The Quench is lovely very light but moisturises my skin. I suffer with dry skin especially round my eyes and since using hydrate I’ve never had a problem! R Therapy is another great product that rejuvenates my skin. Takes time to get used to but once you do it’s amazing. What I like about Gemma is she also promotes well being with food exercise and mind. She is honest and genuine so I trust whatever advice she gives. Thank you! xx

Jayne Stuttard

This is the best night treatment ever! You're a genius.

Victoria Symms

The Revive cleanser is amazing! My kin has been clear, smooth & congestion free since using it. No products has works so well.

Fiona Mccall

Gemma is such a beautiful person both inside and out and always goes above and beyond for her clients. Thank you Gemma for giving me the skin i'm finally happy with and alongside that some confidence! Thankyou, thankyou, thank you, as always.

Cassandra Padgett

Where dreams become reality!! if you've ever dreamt of amazing skin Gemma is the person to see she's very professional at what she does and always gives outstanding results

Cheryl Bilsborrow

For years of searching the market for acne skincare that actually works, I have FINALLY found some advise & products with real results!!
I have been bombarded with information about what I should & shouldn’t do with my skin & it eventually became so overwhelming I didn’t know which direction to turn in. Someone recommended Gemma to me & I am honestly so pleased they did!
As Gemma says, keep it simple! I have been using her recommendations now for about 3 months with 1 light peel during this time & the results are crazy.
Being an MUA I am obsessed with skincare & feel it’s so important to have a good base.
I would recommend these products & treatments to anyone who struggles with their skin as I did.
Thank you so much Gemma - I am over the moon!

Abby Batty

Wow !!!!! I am so very grateful to have met Gemma ! What a fantastic lady who is so experienced in her field. A genuine, honest, caring, holistic approach to helping each individual client with their needs and huge concerns about their skin. I have been a suffer of acne from the age of 21 and my skin has been a terrible burden in my life! I am now 37 and only after meeting Gemma have I finally seen incredible results. I myself am a Holistic therapist and I had tried everything....from every skincare product, balanced healthy lifestyle, GP's handing out antibiotics and the contraceptive pill , dermatologists, going onto Roaccutane....the list goes on !!!! I have met Gemma twice and my acne is almost gone...with changes to my skincare, a few supplements added to my diet and knowing that Gemma truly cares, I feel a million dollars ! My confidence has grown because my skin looks better than ever. Thank you Gemma ! xxx

Natasha Aspin

Gemma was lovely... Really easy to talk to and very professional! I now have amazing skin...something I've not had for years! Thanks Gemma x

Charli Farrar

Gemma so professional x puts you at ease every visit

Julie Townend

Fantastic results from my baby Botox. Gemma is extremely professional and helpful. She always responds tpo messages promptly, listens attentively to what I need and offers qualified advice in a friendly environment. Would definitely recommend.

Alison Dunn