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Revive Cleanser Subscribe & Save

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Our best selling cleanser contains naturally clinically proven, Alpha & Beta Hydroxy acids, Glycolic, salicylic and citric.  Removing the build up dead skin cells, and clearing the pore of excess oils, congestion and impurities.

With added soothing ingredients such as Aloe Vera and lavender, you can be sure of gentleness with effectiveness.

Paraben Free.  

cruelty Free.


Clearer skin.

Smoother skin.

Brighter, even skin tone.

Reduced pore size.


Only cleanse once a day, preferably at night.  Use a 10 p piece amount and massage in to the skin (avoiding the eyes) Remove with wet cotton pads and rinse the excess off with clean tepid water.

Gemma's Tips

The skin may feel sensitized initially as the gentle acids get to work, sloughing off the excess skin build up.  This should settle.  Ensure you're not using any other face scrubs or creams that may be affecting the skin barrier.